What’s in a dress?

With the year that it was, we are finally saying goodbye to our stay-at-home loungewear and embracing 2021 with some stylish satorial choices that never saw the light of the day in 2020. It indeed is a bittersweet feeling to slip out of comfy loungewear, but with a new year comes a ‘new me’ and there has never been a better time than this to turn towards feel-good outfits. We at Pink City, Kolkata are all for bringing the latest styles and silhouettes that every wardrobe craves for. So here are the ‘statement worthy styles of 2021’

Versatile Kaftan

The trend that ruled last year and is here to stay is comfy dressing and there is nothing more comfortable than a billowy kaftan. A versatile dress known for its effortless style, Kaftan just ticks all the boxes for statement styles this year. Pink city is known to give a dash of ethnic to this contemporary number with deep rooted Indian design techniques that makes it the perfect outfit for your wedding functions and fancy soirées.

The Dreamy Organza

This timeless fabric blends the fluidity of sheer fabrics with the sheen of silk for the most dreamy ethereal look. A favourite amongst the ladies, we absolutely love the the way it flows and glistens, making it look flattering on just about any body type. At Pink City you’ll find the perfect festive style outfit in this gorgeous diaphanous fabric with exquisite details that will see you illuminating the town wherever you go.

Traditional prints

As a brand, we are focused on bringing culturally rich and self evolving wardrobe choices to you. For the modern traditionalist, we are constantly working on creating new ways of your dress styles that embraces and enhance your everyday experience while making your special occasions memorable in your outfit.

From leheriya, kalamkari, chanderi to bandhani, there are almost unlimited choices one can choose from. We at Pink City, are constantly evolving ourselves using the array of options gifted to us by our country’s diverse background in creating intricately made dresses to grace any occasion keeping the sensibilities of your choices.

Our humble dress boutique in Kolkata is dedicated to you in providing exquisite, multifaceted clothes that mirror the inspiring aspect of the people they are made for. So in 2021 whatever style you’re going for, we’ve got you covered.

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