Evergreen Indian traditional wear ft. Pink City

When we talk about traditional wear, what comes to your mind? A Gharchola saree? A Leheriya Saree? A Bandhani Saree? Well, let’s expand your options, shall we?

When it comes to Indian traditional wear, somewhere we limit ourselves to predictable choices like Bandhani sarees, Leheriya sarees, and Gharchola Sarees. While these iconic options are a must-have in every traditional wardrobe, every woman needs more than the basics. The classics, one can’t have enough classics. We bring to you the 5 best options of evergreen traditional wear to elevate your desi-dressing game. Let’s get to it.

1. Sharara set of our dreams

When it comes to Indian traditional wear, you might have seen lots of Leheriya sarees and dupattas. We usually limit tradition to just that.But, when the gorgeous Pranutan dons a sharara set, it becomes a sensation overnight and is added to the wishlist of millions of women across the world The texture and print play in this sharara set make it a head-turner, and comfort is never left behind. Dainty embroidery on the kurta and bold stripes in the palazzo are seamlessly married by a solid dupatta with scalloped embroidery. What’s not to love about this Sharara set?

2. Bandhani, but not a saree

Do you feel that the contemporary vibe doesn’t speak to you? When you look for a festive outfit the first few things that may come to your mind are bandhani sarees and traditional bandhani dresses. We hear you without you having to say it out loud. Indian traditional wear in all its glory, the old world charm here narrates the story, like the evergreen bandhani sarees. We have something with a similar charm but in the version of a bandhani dress. This gold bandhani dress is crafted in precious tissue with details of Dori, Resham and pearl intricately embroidered to elevate the beauty. The highlight of this bandhani dress is the traditional red bandhani dupatta, one that symbolises celebration and auspiciousness.

3. Gharchola vibrance

If you are wondering what modern-day royalty would wear, we have got you covered. We bring to you the simplest yet stunning Indian traditional wear featuring Gharchola (which is not yet another Gharchola saree ) in a vibrant hue we clearly love. Balancing the scales of colour, texture, tradition and functionality, this Gharchola outfit is perfect when ‘less is more’ is your dressing mantra.

4. Red is always in vogue

The wedding ceremony emphasises elegance through a garment that represents grace and tradition. We suggest ditching the predictable Indian traditional wear and opting for something timeless like the lotus saree. Made from delicate organza fabric and embellished with intricately embroidered lotus motifs, this saree showcases exceptional artistry. Paired with a zari check blouse crafted in chanderi, this saree oozes timelessness and sophistication. A simplistic saree in a love-like shade is the perfect Indian traditional wear. 

5. Say yes to sarees, Pooja Hegde did.

Pooja Hedge is a new face in Bollywood and she’s someone you need to know. She looks stunning in an Organza Saree with jaal embroidery, exuding timeless charm. This beautiful Indian traditional wear includes a luxurious silk organza saree with delicate embroidery depicting birds and flowers, creating a sense of enchantment and natural beauty.

When paired with a blouse, this combination is sure to make anyone look captivating. Pooja’s saree not only exudes sophistication in this organza saree but also showcases the transformative power of a saree. With each intricate detail, this saree whispers tales of luxury and style, inviting you to experience the magic of organza sarees for women.

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