Elevate Your Festive Looks- Timeless Indian Traditional Dresses with Lotus Embroidery

Anarkalis to sarees, read on to find out the best Indian traditional wear for an elegant addition to your wardrobe.

The Lotus flower is a rich cultural metaphor in traditional Southern Asian culture and holds historical and current-day importance as both food, medicine and symbolism. The Nelumbo nucifera or Sacred Lotus, is an iconic flower indigenous to Asia that is referenced heavily within Hindu scripture, especially in conjunction with deities such as Lakshmi and Vishnu.

Lotus motif in Indian textiles

The emphasis on Lotus is not limited to religion, it extends to Indian textiles too. Indian textiles have attracted many people with their skipped craftsmanship, bright colours and symbolic meanings. The textures and patterns, whether woven, painted or embroidered have always sparked interest. Among the numerous motifs passed down for centuries, one holds special significance and is still revered in many parts of the world: the aquatic lotus.

Lotus has been a prominent feature in Indian textiles for a very long time. However, these beautiful flowers are not just used for decoration; they carry hidden meanings. They symbolise the Cosmos in some instances and the beauty of a woman in others.

Many famous Indian textiles such as Kantha, Kasuti, Chamba rumals, Picchvais, and Gujarat embroidery, as well as woven textiles like Ikat and Paithani, prominently feature the lotus motif, brimming with meaning and importance.

In India, Lotus is referred to as Padm, Kamal, Kumud, Pundarika, and Pushkar. In the Kantha of Bengal, the central mandap with the padma represents the essence of the universe. The number of petals on a lotus can vary from four to a thousand. The blooming of lotus petals symbolises the opening of the universe. In the Ikat fabrics of Orissa, the eight-petaled lotus is frequently depicted, where each petal represents earth, fire, air, ether, mind, intellect, and ego.

The Paithani of Maharashtra portrays lotus in its most natural forms, utilising brilliant colours to showcase the weaver’s skill in depicting this beautiful flower. The motifs resemble those found in Ajanta and thus have a more natural appearance.

Kasuti embroidery, which follows the warp and weft of the fabric, depicts the Padma in various ways. Here, motifs such as sparrows, swans, and deer are combined with the lotus.

In Gujarat embroidery, the lotus is the most popular flower. It is used at the centre to symbolise the universe and as the seat of Gods and Goddesses. In North India, Chamba rumals and Phulkari also extensively feature lotus motifs.

While designing our Indian traditional wear and contemporary pieces, we make sure to deep-dive into aspects of our traditional textiles and strive to keep them relevant for both modern festive dressing and traditional Indian clothing.

5 Indian traditional dresses featuring lotus embroidery design

1.  Lotus Mughal Anarkali

Our Lotus Mughal Anarkali exudes sophistication in all its glory. This beautiful green Anarkali features detailed zari and gota embroidery, embellished with captivating lotus patterns. Teamed with straight pants and an intricately handcrafted dupatta, this outfit pays homage to the skilful artistry of India.

2. Lotus Sharara

Say hello to elegance in our Lotus Sharara outfit. The outfit includes bandhani Sharara trousers paired with an intricately embroidered kurta and a silk Chanderi dupatta, blending traditional Indian attire with a modern touch.

3. Lotus Organza Saree

Wrap yourself in yards of Traditional Indian clothing with our Lotus Organza Saree, adorned with a zari border and captivating lotus motifs. It comes with an unstitched blouse, offering limitless options for customization featuring the timeless charm of Indian traditional wear with exquisite lotus embroidery.

4. Lotus Kurta Set

Exude sunny vibes with our Lotus Kurta Set. This ensemble includes a bright yellow kurta decorated with dori and pearl embroidery on the yoke and hem, paired with intricate overall embroidery. It comes with pants and a bandhani dupatta featuring a lotus motif and adorned with small tassels, making you radiate like pure sunshine.

5. Checks Zari Kurta Set

Step into the world of Indian traditional clothing with a modern twist. Our Checks Zari Kurta Set features a Madras check chanderi kurta woven with shimmering zari, blending tradition with modernity. The set includes pants and a dupatta adorned with lotus embroidery for a touch of timeless elegance.

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