Bandhavi Collection

We bring you a collection that is close to our heart! Bandhavi is all about celebrating the bond and love between two souls. It’s an unsaid, most often unspoken relationship which doesn’t need a special day or a string of threads to be celebrated. Like rivers running parallel to each other and meeting in a sungam. A constant support system that stands by you no matter what!

Bandhavi is a true representation of the beautiful bond between sisters. The collection consists of our love for Gujarat’s bandhani patterns with its alluring combinations and beautiful swirls and twirls, Rajasthan’s infamous lusciously vibrant leheriya prints along with a slight drizzle of mirror and tassel work and stunning detailed motifs, albeit with a global edit, which also dive into the history of these unique designs. The flowy-but-empowering silhouettes and some popping print trends on homegrown weaves which come together to create a dynamic energy!

Every ensemble has a sensibility of fluidity and ease with contrasting tones and colours, playful use of print pattern and shape, rooted in principles of comfort that makes it perfect for dance and fun

So here we are with an distinctive artistic collection that celebrates bond hood like never before in captivating bursts of colours and patterns with fluidic and draped accents in a beautiful amalgamation of traditional techniques with modern designs of the current day. Quarantine or otherwise let’s all celebrate with Bandhavi